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Pvz zen garden hack

Zombies Steps: Click "Memory View".
Enter Survival: garden Endless and garden continue your game from there.
Go to garden Zen Garden done.Start the level but before the screen scrolls back to the left, change the value to 35 hack (or any conveyor-belt levels like Column Like You See 'Em ).In Cheat Engine, click on "Memory View." Press CtrlG and type either hack if you're using the old version of the game, garden or 00466E22 if you're using the goty version, then hit Enter.Change the address code to "nop".Right click at the address and choose "Go to address".Double-click the selected Address.This is a good cheat for I, garden Zombie garden levels.

Usual play (Same as in Survival: Roof (Endless) Some english of them are not safe Mini-games.
Just Shapes And Beats On Drums The8Bitdrummer.
Zombies trainer, plants.
Go back to game, use/buy Fertilizer/Bug Spray/Chocolate/Tree Food.Replace with 38 for growing money.Zombies Go to Plants.Go to the drive userdata garden folder (C:ProgramDataPopCap GamesPlantsVsZombiesuserdata) and rename the saved file of a Survival: Hard game to Survival: Endless (game 13).Double-click at the time on your computer (located at the taskbar, below-right) Choose the next day from the current day.Click it, windows then click "Replace after that, click.Go to Cheat Engine, click at the blinking portable computer icon.