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One piece episode 130

one piece episode 130

One pirate, Monkey.
She's spent 20 years looking for it, and Alabasta was her last good lead.
She manages to episode persuade the piece crew episode to let piece her join because Luffy did not let her die back then.
Suddenly the door to the captain's cabin opens revealing Nico Robin.It then cuts to various people and animals who interacted with episode the Straw Hats through their journey in episode the desert.Luffy allows her on the crew without another word, shocking piece the others.As Cobra administers the medicine, she tells him the truth: all she wants to know is the True History through the Rio Poneglyph.

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The scenes with Pell are anime-exclusive.
Format 4:3 (ntsc tV Rating.8, rank 3 "Beware Her Scent!
The others john insult john him (except Luffy who does not know how to make up a proper insult).Pell is seen at the end standing over his own grave.Meanwhile, the Straw john Hats bemoan the loss of Vivi except Zoro who says if they miss her so much they may as well have full forced her to come along.Luffy then wakes and saves Cobra and Robin, even though she tells him to just leave her to die, but he ignores her resolutely: john "Why do I have to listen to you?" Back in the present, Robin says that she now has nowhere else.But now, she's given.