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However, when Irma/Turtle Terminator overhears Burne Thompson refer to turtles his girlfriend as a "turtle dove" she fires a laser blast out of her eyes, melting the telephone.
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Season 2 Episode 1 The Mutation Situation The Turtles are presented with a huge problem when they learn Shredder has teamed up with Kraang in order to receive a batch of mutagen for their own usage, and their new problems with Shredder even put their.
Season 1 Episode 9 The Gauntlet April receives a note from her dad about a potential bomb and the Ninja Turtles run into Master Shredder Season 1 Episode 8 Never Say Xever Xever is appointed a leader and he crosses the line by taking hostages.Season 3 Episode 18 The Deadly Venom Karai is brainwashed and begins to hunt the turtles.Click for episode details, nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode Guide.Season 1 Episode 12 It Came from the Depths ninja A rampant alligator with Kraang technology is running loose in the sewers and Michelangelo and company attend to his aid.Top Videos, top Spiele, slime Fest, hol dir dein Ticket!After he gets captured, Karai breaks out and plans a rescue mission on her own.The Turtles and Splinter escape.The Turtles discover from April and Irma what is happening to the city.Season 2 Episode 4 Mutagen Man Unleashed Donatello experiments with mutagen in an attempt to find a cure for Aprils mutated father.The turtles travel to planet turtles Magdomar to recover the final piece of the black hole generator.Darüber hinaus haben wir eine Kooperation mit /div /div /div /div div class'imprint row' div class'col' p Copyright copy; 2019 /p a href" rel"noopener noreferrer" Viacom International Media Networks /a /div div class'col editable_collection' data-id'3685' data-site'16' id'teaser_collection_3685' a href" alt"nickelodeon" class"nickelodeon" rel"noopener noreferrer" target blank".O'Toole's genius while Donatello reminds them that not all inventions have to have an evil purpose, like his Transdimensional Communicator, a device he created to stay in touch episodes with.67 3 votes Watch on Amazon Buy on iTunes.

Season 1 Episode 14 New Girl In Town After another Leonardo and turtles Raphael argument, Raphael takes charge and Leo gets acquainted with pathfinder a dangerous female ninja named Karai.
The turtles are anniversary forced to teenage trust the Utrom Council in order to find the next piece of the black -full hole generator.
He figures that he can use the station to lure The baal City's populace into Krang's Chasm.
Season 4 Episode 7 The Arena of Carnage.While all of them are watching the news, they discover manuali that a Transmogrifier was.67 3 votes Watch on Amazon Buy on iTunes #22 - Raphael Versus The Volcano Season 5 - Episode 10 Thanks to a malfunction in Donatello's "Healthometer an invention designed.Bebop and Rocksteady ask them to steal electronic parts from an abandoned tanker for the Technodrome.Alvin Huxley has demonstrated his breakthrough invention: The Protein Computer, a computer that thinks as fast as a human mind and can be linked to one.What does it mean?Michelangelo wanting to be a human, tries one of the cookies and it mutates him into a teenager.Season 1 Episode 21 Karais Vandetta While the Turtles are infiltrating a Kraang base under the sea, the Foot Clan seizes the opportunity to capture April, and with Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello unable to help, she must engage with a battle of wits against.Floyd O'Toole, a scientist who has been missing for weeks.Season 1 Episode 10 Panic in the Sewers Master Shredder has a plan to wipe out the sewers of New York city with a chemical toxin and the Ninja Turtles along with Donatellos new creation, attempt to stop him.Working together has never been more important.When the Green Team gets there, Shredder plans on using a dimensional teleporter to transport them back to the Technodrome.Donatello dresses up like the infamous Cal Worthington of Southern.And once again, the Turtles can not episode believe the gullibility of the humans and have decided to take a new attitude - the heck with 'em!

Season 3 Episode 1 Within The Woods Everyone needed a break after after the Kraang all teenage mutant ninja turtles episodes invasion so April, Casey, and the turtles take refuge far from the city inside a cabin within the woods.
Thanks.75 4 votes Watch on Amazon Buy on iTunes #18 - The Missing Map Season 3 - Episode 39 Zach, the "fifth Turtle" and his brother Walt visit the Turtles.